Monday, April 4, 2011

Wannabe DIYer

Over the years I've done many DIY projects: tiling, roofing, painting, installing countertops, landscaping... the list goes on. I like planning the project, budgeting, finding the best prices, researching but I am a little wimpy on the actual doing end. I do it, but if it's heavy lifting or demolishing, my great husband steps in. I'm also wary of the generator and other big machines.

This past year has been a year of dreaming about DIY projects I want to do on my house. With no job and lots of time to think, I have been planning DIY for my house that I can't actually do right now. Besides basic upkeep (painting and staining our deck) most things are on hold. We might do a project or two this summer but most are scaled back.

This blog is my way to dream and plan my DIY house projects and maybe next year I can actually do them.  Dreaming is the best part anyway.

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